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Foreign teacher TEFL lessons and their importance to Chinese students

It is no secret that native English speakers are in high demand to teach the growing number of Chinese students the first language of the world. Many of these foreign TEFL teachers have limited experience and cant even speak Chinese, yet are paid considerably more than their Chinese English teaching colleagues. So what makes foreign teachers so useful for teaching in China. Speak native English at Native level Firstly, native speakers will always speak the best, most naturally sounding English compared to those who study English as a second language. By having a good role model the students have a…

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4 reasons to teach English in a smaller Chinese city

China has an estimated 70,000 vacancies for foreign teacher across the nation as a whole. Obviously the need for TEFL teachers spreads further than the well known mega cities of Beijing and shanghai and there are countless positions in smaller cities that you may of never even heard of. Here’s why you should seriously ponder teaching English in a smaller, lesser known Chinese city. Great Chinese learning environment  Logic dictates that smaller cities with smaller western populations will contain an environment with less English language used and a higher reliance on using native Chinese. Locals will speak less English and…

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Chinese school children with masks

5 reasons why TEFLing is a great gapyear experience

Year upon year thousands of brave souls from recent graduates to mature businessmen take it upon themselves to stop what they are doing and fly out to a foreign land to teach English. Lets shine some light onto why this prospect is such a great idea. Its good money Teaching English as a second language is a lucrative business in many rising nations, particularly China. Teaching your native tongue as a profession is seen by many as a fun, rewarding way to earn serious money. For example, many new western TEFL teachers in China earn in excess of 3 times the average…

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