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Pagoda at night in Fenghuang ancient town.

Promotion time in Guiyang

As I’m on a morning stroll around Fenghuang’s old canal, the Guiyang branch of English First contact me. I had had an interview with them a week before, but I assumed it was just similar teaching work to what I am now used to. Turns out that they want me to their new Director of Studies, someone responsible for managing the foreign teachers team and resources, coordinating with all the other departments and recruiting potential teachers. In short, a big job. I  was pretty taken aback at first, as I believed I was too inexperienced to take on such a…

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Yellow duck steamed buns

Top 10 things to do in China while you have the chance

Upon arriving in China you are almost certain to have an incredible amount of things you wanna see, do and experience. In case you haven’t yet planned out what these are yet, here are 10 to get you started. Learn Chinese Ok then no surprises for this first one, and yes almost half of our articles seem to mention and promote learning mandarin at some point. But you are in the perfect environment and can gain so much from learning it. No excuses, get practising! Eat delicious food China has no shortage of diverse cuisine. From the delicious, well known…

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Cultural differences that you will find in China

Cultural differences that you will encounter in China

China’s rich and beautiful culture is one of the pulls of going over to Teach English in China in the first place. However, with such a starkly contrasting culture from that of our own it is only understandable that there will be some customs from time to time that feel strange. In order to help you better prepare for the full China experience, here are five common things to be ready for. Dog is friend, and food. Although a tradition which is rapidly becoming increasingly rare in many Chinese cities. The custom of eating dog, particularly during winter time is…

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Foreign teacher TEFL lessons and their importance to Chinese students

It is no secret that native English speakers are in high demand to teach the growing number of Chinese students the first language of the world. Many of these foreign TEFL teachers have limited experience and cant even speak Chinese, yet are paid considerably more than their Chinese English teaching colleagues. So what makes foreign teachers so useful for teaching in China. Speak native English at Native level Firstly, native speakers will always speak the best, most naturally sounding English compared to those who study English as a second language. By having a good role model the students have a…

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