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If you have some questions that need answering, or you just simply want to know a bit more about China TEFLer then read on… Can I travel with a friend or partner? YES: If travelling is something that you would love to do but you’re not sure how you would adjust to moving on your own, then the answer to this question is yes. You do have the option of applying with a friend or partner, although if you want to go alone then that is completely fine also. Can I choose where to work and live in China? YES:…

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How about diversifying your culture whilst growing a successful career in teaching? These pointers should help to kick-start your TEFL experience… Once in a lifetime experience An opportunity to experience China’s unique ancient and modern culture, surely a great conversation starter? This opportunity will set you up, developing your communication, confidence and teamwork skills. We live in an increasingly interconnected world Moving away from the UK doesn’t need to be so scary anymore! With technological advancements, communication with friends and family can be in seconds. Travel Holding some of the most varied and spectacular natural wonders of the world, China…

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My name is Ben Noon, I am a 23 year old recent university graduate that has lived in a lesser known ‘up and coming’ city in China for just over 17 months. I work as a foreign English teacher, teaching English in China in a private school to students aged 4 to 14. I built this website to show my experiences of this great adventure along with hopefully informing others about what day to day life in real china for a young foreign teacher is like. China is a great country and its emerging global power makes it an excellent…

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This Site

This website is run by Noon Elite recruitment and intended to give people considering coming to work/adventure/teach in China a guide to how life actually is for foreigners like me in the modern day China. There are blog style guides describing everything that us travellers have done here including price guides and ideas for travelling in and out of China and tips on how to live life comfortably in a typical Chinese up and coming city. This site is particularly useful to those interested in teaching English in China and contains links and helpful information to start your adventure complete with current…

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