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4 reasons to teach English in a smaller Chinese city

China has an estimated 70,000 vacancies for foreign teacher across the nation as a whole. Obviously the need for TEFL teachers spreads further than the well known mega cities of Beijing and shanghai and there are countless positions in smaller cities that you may of never even heard of. Here’s why you should seriously ponder teaching English in a smaller, lesser known Chinese city. Great Chinese learning environment¬† Logic dictates that smaller cities with smaller western populations will contain an environment with less English language used and a higher reliance on using native Chinese. Locals will speak less English and…

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Chinese Junior classroom

How to feel more prepared for teaching

Moving over to the other side of the world to teach classes of hungry students hours of English can obviously be a rather daunting prospect, particularly for those with little to no prior teaching experience. However there are ways in which you can prepare yourself before you arrive in your new Teaching world. Prepare some lessons First of all, you are gonna need to think of some pretty entertaining and effective lesson plans. A good one to start with is the introduction lesson. Remember these kids will be new to you and you will be a fresh face for them.…

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