Foreign teacher TEFL lessons and their importance to Chinese students

It is no secret that native English speakers are in high demand to teach the growing number of Chinese students the first language of the world. Many of these foreign TEFL teachers have limited experience and cant even speak Chinese, yet are paid considerably more than their Chinese English teaching colleagues. So what makes foreign teachers so useful for teaching in China.

Speak native English at Native level

Firstly, native speakers will always speak the best, most naturally sounding English compared to those who study English as a second language. By having a good role model the students have a good basis from which to learn from.

Fun and Friendly approach

Foreign classes tend to be very entertaining, fun active affairs with lots of games, multimedia and friendly competition. Many foreign teachers in China are young university graduates who TEFL as a gap year experience. Thus they are young, energetic and friendly at the expense of experienced. This youthful teaching can put energy and fun into an otherwise stale learning environment.

Cultural education

Foreign teachers don’t just teach English, they also teach their students where they are from, their background and their cultural values. This helps spread cross cultural awareness and give students first hand insight into life on the other side of the world. By sharing our cultures and understanding each other values both students and TEFL teachers get a better balanced outlook on life and a deeper understanding of our now increasingly interconnected world.

Variety to a typical school day

Foreign teacher classes, particularly those in private, extra curricular classes tend to be more active and fun compared to a traditional classroom lesson. This change from day to day traditional classes give variety to an otherwise generic and predictable school day. This variety can help students feel happier and better motivated to learn.

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