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5 reasons why TEFLing is a great gapyear experience

Year upon year thousands of brave souls from recent graduates to mature businessmen take it upon themselves to stop what they are doing and fly out to a foreign land to teach English. Lets shine some light onto why this prospect is such a great idea.

Its good money

Teaching English as a second language is a lucrative business in many rising nations, particularly China. Teaching your native tongue as a profession is seen by many as a fun, rewarding way to earn serious money. For example, many new western TEFL teachers in China earn in excess of 3 times the average working persons wage. Not bad for a new recruit.

Its an affordable way to travel the world

Teaching English in a foreign country enables you to work and live in a nation completely different from your own. This enables you to see places and experience life events that are unreachable for your typical tourist. Once you are based in a new country the local surrounding nations become different. Often destinations that were once seen as too far away to visit become much closer. This enables you to cheaply see and visit nations that were never feasible from your homeland.

A good example of this is Brits teaching English in China. From the UK, countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, Japan and Korea to name but a few are far too far away to visit for a short vacation. The cost alone not to mention the length of time needed to be sat on a plane would make it a no go to visit these countries. But flying from China these nations suddenly become accessible via short haul flights with some budget airline operators enabling you to travel to these exotic nations on the cheap.  Moving to a country doesn’t just promote travel to itself. But its proximal nations too.

CV dynamite

Work experience on the other side of the world is something that will differentiate you greatly on paper from those who have stopped in the confines of their home country. Combine with this a little proficiency in a second language and you suddenly have a skill set which greatly differentiates you from the crowd.

Develops your cultural understanding

Living in a culture different to that of your own will be an experience in its self. By being surrounded by a different culture and contrasting ideologies you will notice stark differences in the ways in which you can live your life. Eventually, as you become more at ease and familiar with your new culture you will begin to adapt the best parts of both in your life thus improving your quality of life.



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