T.E.F.L Certification

All about getting a T.E.F.L/T.E.S.O.L certification in China, what they are and how to get TEFL certified in China.

The top 5 TEFL courses as ranked by Google

  TEFL certification is one of the things that I am being asked more and more nowadays. Almost every new recruit wanting to do this great experience is either fresh out of  uni or doing it for a refreshing and beneficial change from their normal typical lifestyle. Thus, there is demand for a cost effective, high quality and quick TEFL certification method. So, using our good friend Google, here is a review of 5 of the many many sites offering that all important certification. 1) TEFLcourse.net http://www.teflcourse.net Price for 120 hour certification: $240 TEFLcourse.net is the site that i personally used…

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Tefl Certification, the best way to get certified for China

In order to teach English in China and all around the world officially, you require a TEFL certificate. The ways and means for getting a TEFL certificate are broad and getting certified can cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. The choice can be made easier by separating into two distinct options, online and offline. OfflineTEFL certification is usually more structured, lengthy and costly whereas online TEFL certification is usually quicker and less formal with less structured training and a much lower cost. Offline courses Offline certification usually comprises of you going to attend a number of lectures…

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