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You don’t speak Chinese yet you’re due to move and teach there. Is the language barrier really a problem? Initially the thought of moving to a foreign country with a new language that perhaps you have little or even no experience or knowledge of can be quite intimidating, but I am writing to remove these worries. You can be assured that you will not only survive in a foreign-language-speaking country but you will thrive in it, as have the numerous other English-speaking teachers China TEFLer has sent out to China. So what are the best ways to learn? 1 Surround yourself…

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The confucius institute at the University of Nottingham next door to our office at Noon Elite Recruitment. Many test centres are based on university campuses and they are prestigious buildings.

HSK – Everything there is to know

HSK. You hear it when looking at Chinese courses, on job adverts and see it required on University courses. But what is it and why is it worth looking into? This post is is all things HSK.  What it shows, why to take it and what it stands for? Here’s everything you need to know… What it is HSK stands for hanyu shuiping kaoshi. This literally means Chinese language water level examination. More accurately translated to Chinese language level exam, or, examination of your Chinese language level.  The examination is run and accredited by Hanban, a department ran by the…

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We-Chatting your way to fluency. Learn Chinese the ‘Smart’ way

We-Chat your way to learn Chinese China doesn’t use Facebook and instead has its own set of popular social networking tools. We-Chat is a popular free chatting smart phone app that is used to both share statuses, broadcast mobile photos and Chat on instant messenger, one that almost everyone in the entire country has. We-Chat is a great free app. And also happens to be the main reason that I consider my written Chinese to have developed so quickly.If you want to learn Chinese, it can be a great tool. Every day since I got the app. I have used it…

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The fastest way to learn Chinese

We all like the idea of learning another language, particularly one as useful, visually and audibly distinct as Chinese. In one and a half years I’ve gone from 0 to near fluent and learned a lot of things since that could have made me learn even faster. So here is my guide to get competent in mandarin in no time at all. Live in China Learning a language works best by studying a little every day. This slow, continuous study progressively builds your vocabulary and knowledge and grows over a steady period of time. Living in China allows you to…

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Learning Chinese

If you want to learn Chinese then the best place to do this is in China, the country itself. Languages are best learned with regular practice and learning Chinese is no exception. By simply living here and overhearing the dialect you will be constantly exposed to overhearing and thus revising and practicing everyday phrases you learn from your study books over and over again. When I first came to China my Chinese language level was such that I knew little past hello (你好) and thank you(谢谢). In the one and a half years since then I have found myself studying…

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