AI Lesson plan generator

Introducing the new AI-powered lesson plan generator for ESL teachers! Tired of spending hours creating lesson plans for your English language learners? Look no further! Our cutting-edge technology uses artificial intelligence to generate intelligent and personalized lesson plans tailored to your ESL students’ needs and learning styles.

Generate and view your lesson plans!

Like many tasks, the key to a solid, easy and low stress day of teaching rests heavily on the preparation. Create a solid lesson plan with timings for your activities and lessons are easy. Try winging it and you can easily trap yourself in a lesson of wasteful torture for both yourselves and your students. But if you have so many different classes, the sheer time and trouble to build a solid plan bespoke to your own students can take a lot of time. According to TD Trust, teachers spend as much time lesson planning as actualy teaching!  This was our inspiration to use AI to save teachers time and trouble by planning tailor made lessons automatically.

Our AI-powered lesson plan generator is designed to save you time and effort while providing your ESL students with the best possible learning experience. The platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing you to create engaging and effective lesson plans in minutes, not hours. With our advanced algorithm, you can be sure that your students will receive a customized education that is tailored to their specific needs.

In addition, our generator provide you with a wide range of activities, games and exercises that are designed to keep your students engaged and motivated. Whether you’re teaching grammar, vocabulary, or conversation, our lesson plans will provide your students with the tools they need to succeed.

We understand the importance of delivering quality education to your ESL students, and our AI-powered lesson plan generator is here to help you achieve that goal. Give your ESL students the best chance to succeed in their language learning journey. Try it out today and experience the difference it can make in your teaching and your students’ learning!

AI Disclaimer; Chat GPT does sometimes produce false information and any of the information generated with this tool may contain factual errors. Please fact check the material before using in class.