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5 Tips for getting the most out of your holiday leave in China

Holidays are a great time wherever you may be and in China you will probably find yourself even more eager to make the most of the time and experience some serious adventure. Here’s a few suggestions to making the most of your time off.

Book in advance

Plane and train tickets sell out quickly. If you are serious about travelling by train then you need to get to the station and buy a ticket the day they are released if its during a public holiday. If you are booking a flight, booking at least 1 month in advance is a wise idea as super high demand and short supply can mean that the sky is the limit for air fairs during the high season.

Plan your Itinerary 

There’s nothing nicer than a drop of spontaneity and doing as you feel when travelling. However, public holidays may not be the best time to do this. Hotels will be sold out and no spaces on public transport will be free. By planning your itinerary you can plan the most efficient use of your precious days off and fit more experiences into your vacation.

Consider doing something local 

Public holidays in China take busy to the next level. If you wanna avoid paying through the nose for travel tickets and still have an adventurous holiday then consider staying local and exploring some of the smaller, quaint  towns and villages in your local province. This is a great way to avid the crowds and see some of the real China.

Seek local assistance 

Buying plane or train  tickets can be a stressful process with many online brokers requiring a Chinese bank card. You can get around this by having  a Chinese friend buy your ticket online for you after you pay them the money in cash.

Finally, make the most of it

There’s always something nice about the feeling of being on vacation and still being paid your salary. So make the most of it, plan your trip, avoid the crowds and make the most of your time teaching English in China.

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