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How Teaching English in China will help make the most of your life

Teaching English in China helps you in so many more ways than providing an income. It lengthens your life, develops your future and makes you a more interesting person. Here’s how.

Lifelong travel experiences

The adventure of Teaching English in a country as diverse an different as China will undoubtedly provide many new challenges and adventures along the way. It is these adventures that make life what it is and provide the rich experiences that provide us with countless stories to tell and teach us lessons to constantly self improve.

Teach you another language

Learning another language doesn’t just sound cool, it provides great mental training for you and can provide you with a stronger CV and hence improved career prospects. By living and immersing yourself in Chinese surroundings, you will be in an ideal environment to constantly listen and practice your new language, making it an ideal opportunity to make the effort and learn a new tongue.

Build your career foundation 

In an increasingly competitive and globalized world it has never been more important to gain experience that sets you as an individual apart from the crowd. The continuous growth in the number of university graduates mean that a degree alone is becoming less and less effective to guarantee that job you are looking for. By working for a year in China you have not only travelled but have quantitative, genuine work experience in one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world. If you combine this with taking the time to learn the language, you will have created solid achievements that will assure future potential employers that  you used your time abroad to provide something extremely useful to their company.

Make your life longer

It is widely accepted that as we grow older our perception of time speeds up and time appears to go increasingly faster. In a world where time is perceived to go faster as we have increasingly fewer new experiences Teaching English in China gives us an incredible opportunity to experience a lot of new experiences in a comparatively very short length of time.

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Interested in Teaching English in China? Apply now.



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