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7 things you will miss about China upon your return home

Reverse culture shock is real. Here’s seven ways in which we think you will feel it upon your return home.

Cheap food

China has no shortage of delicious, affordable food and with filling meals starting from less than 10RMB its an incredible opportunity to eat out whenever you like, as often as you like. From street stalls to nice restaurants, the food provides an insight into the culture and an amazing gastronomic experience. Returning home to your native cuisine although undoubtedly amazing for a short period of time surely cant compete to the choices and price available in China.

Social Life

Living in China brings an entirely new social circle, this combine with the super cheap cost of living, abundant clubs, bars and restaurants and generous amount of free time results in a rather content and active social life. Upon you return home to familiar surroundings it may even seem boring to not party during weekdays or eat out in restaurants on a regular basis. China may well have spoiled you.

Weekend breaks

Along with affordable food, travel is also highly affordable. In such as beautiful, large and diverse a nation as China this gives practically unlimited opportunity for mini breaks and travel all around the nation. From visiting the terracotta army to sleeping in an ancient miao village to watching cormorant fishing in Guilin there are countless awesome trips to plan and mini adventures to take. Make the most of these as once home, getting to spend the weekend in an Inner-Mongolian Yurt becomes that little bit trickier.

Crazy destinations abroad

Living in China provides you with a whole new base from which to explore an entirely different part of the world. Countries that once upon a time would have been considered far too remote to visit are now only a short flight away. From the paradise islands in the Philippines to the crazy world of Japan to the full moon parties in Thailand there are no shortage of incredible destinations to holiday over.

Relaxed work schedule 

As with all jobs anywhere in the world there will be times when we moan that we are too busy teaching English in China. However with many of us working 20 hours or less in the classroom the truth is we don’t have it all that bad. returning home to start a career job starting at 40 hours plus will bring you back down with a bang.

Public attention

Whether we like to admit it or not, as a foreigner in China many of us get a lot of special attention from the friendly, curious local population. Once we are used to it and finally return home it may feel rather strange to walk the streets and feel completely unnoticed.

The sense of adventure

There’s no other way to put it, Teaching English in China is an incredible adventure like no other and no matter how hard you try you will never be able to replicate that lifestyle back home. Make the most of it guys. Its an incredible time of your life! 🙂

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  1. Hahaha not sure ill be missing the ‘public attention’ when i get home. Getting asked to have your photo taken every time i go out to buy coffee is getting rather boring.

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