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5 awesome ways teaching English in China will change your life forever

Teaching English in China Isn’t simply a job. Its a lifestyle, an adventure and an opportunity to do something completely new. As the Chinese economy grows, more and more people are going over to China in search of the opportunity to try out this rapidly growing vocation. Here’s the top 5 reasons why you should go over to teach English in China now.

1 See life through a different perspective

China is a completely different culture. The food, customs, architecture, styles and etiquette are all different and each aspect provides yet another challenge to learn and understand. By living among a different culture and experience it first hand we are able to learn the differences and similarities from our own lives  and maybe even better appreciate and appraise our own lifestyles.

2 Learn another language

Mandarin Chinese is the mother tongue of more people in the world than any other language. What better way is there to learning the language than completely immersing ourselves in the languages motherland? By being constantly surrounded by people speaking the language we are given an ideal environment to listen, practice and progress at a rapid rate. Learning another language will help you further understand that country as not everything translates perfectly into English! Furthermore the ability to speak a different language also carries huge benefits for future job applications and being able to communicate with many more people.

3 Make lifelong friends around the world

Landing all alone in china and starting a fresh adventure is daunting. But by throwing yourself out there you will meet many new people and make friends all around the world. This in turn will probably motivate you to continue travelling in the future and visit some of the friends you made. Meeting new people to share all your awesome life experiences with will provide you with memories you will never forget.

4 Kickstart your taste for traveling

Once you start travelling and living abroad, its almost impossible not to be seduced by the free lifestyle and constant new experiences. As China is a good base for travelling surrounding Asia many people grow in confidence once they have travelled independently and lived away from home and this will then increase your confidence to travel more.

5 Gain lifelong memories

Teaching English in China is something completely different to a stay at home conventional job. You will surpass your usual limits and be taken to a completely new way of living life. You will have so many completely new experiences and see and do things that you never knew you could. These things you see, people you meet and experiences you have will stay with you forever and will help make your life as wonderful and memorable as it should be.

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