Why choose Noon Elite Recruitment over other recruitment firms?

We are a passionate recruitment firm who is devoted to connecting promising graduates with a great career opportunity in various locations in China. We try to match our candidates to the right positions we have on offer, in order to ensure complete satisfaction.
We are elite because we try to provide a first class service in all aspects of the business, and if we believe you wouldn’t be suited for the job, we would not recommend you for the teaching position. We have carefully selected our employer schools, and all of the contacts we use have met our high standards, and do in fact offer great working environments to teachers in great locations for expatriates to benefit from.
We help sort out everything from TEFL courses for applicants who do not have a TEFL certification, to flights to China and help look for accommodation when you arrive in China! We also aim to give you advice on places to visit and cons to avoid during your time in China, so that you don’t make the same mistakes we did during our time there!
Our service doesn’t stop when you sign the contract and leave for China! We aim to keep in contact with our clients to ensure the experience is going smoothly, especially in the first few months. We have experienced living in China and teaching in China ourselves which means we can offer you knowledgeable advice to any of your queries during your year in China!
We believe that our service is superior to any other, and we hope you will choose us when applying to teach in China!

Quote from a teacher recruited through Noon Elite Recruitment:
Oliver Salter-TEFL Teacher – Tian Tian Education

Setting off to work and travel in a foreign country where it’s quite likely you won’t speak the native language, and where your experience of that culture is largely based on your visits to the local takeaway can be an extremely daunting prospect. Noon Elite Recruitment’s service allowed me to go abroad to teach knowing that I had an experienced and knowledgeable support network to back me up. I was then able to make the most of my time there, not having to panic about the inevitable administration and paperwork that is involved with working in a country like China. They also provide experience-based advice for making day-to-day living as smooth as possible (internet access, VPN, booking transport, etc.). I also got his lesson plan USB stick, which made my life a lot easier as a first time teacher!

Interested in working in China and want to find out more? Our UK agency ensures that schools are up to top standard and provides an additional layer of protection and reassurance when negotiating issues with your Chinese school. To find out the latest vetted and quality assessed top providers in China check out nooneliterecruitment.com/teach-english-in-china.  

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