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Why choose Noon Elite Recruitment over other recruitment firms?

Passion We are a passionate recruitment firm who is devoted to connecting promising graduates with a great career opportunity in various locations in China. We try to match our candidates to the right positions we have on offer, in order to ensure complete satisfaction. Elite We are elite because we try to provide a first class service in all aspects of the business, and if we believe you wouldn’t be suited for the job, we would not recommend you for the teaching position. We have carefully selected our employer schools, and all of the contacts we use have met our…

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5 ways teaching English in China makes you wealthier

1- Monetary gains Let us start with the obvious monetary gains which can be accrued from teaching English in China. The monthly salary teaching in China exceeds that of the UK, 8000-20000RMB after-tax monthly salary (£1000-2300). The higher salary is great, but what’s even better is that it’s cheaper to live in China than in the UK as well! Which means you will get even more out of your wage than if you were to stay teaching in the UK! 2- Long- run monetary gains The monetary gains don’t stop after you return from China. Such an experience can be…

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How to set up a bank account, find accommodation and make friends in China:

Setting up a new bank account and finding accommodation are undoubtedly going to be your first two worries when moving to China, followed by making friends during your time in China. This blog post aims to help you with setting up a bank account and gives tips on accommodation and ways to meet new people. “我想开一个银行账户” – Wǒ xiǎng kāi yīgè yínháng zhànghù= I want to open a bank account: As an expatriate in China, having a Chinese bank account will allow for cheaper and easier banking. Sometimes it may facilitate purchases of goods and services online which cannot be…

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How to make the most of your 12 months in China

For many, twelve months seems like a lifetime, but in reality you will see just how quickly this time goes by! It is important not to waste any of this time sat in your flat missing home, instead of taking full advantage of this experience. Make the most of the time you have with your students China is in high demand for foreign teachers and are willing to pay three times the normal teacher salary. Working hours generally consist of no more than 5 classes a day and on average a 20-25 hour week. Which means you have an abundance…

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