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Shanghai finance building

The best things about China that you don’t even know about

Its common knowledge that China has an abundance of cheap, delicious food and friendly locals, here’s a few cool things that you didn’t know. Many clubs are free, some pay you to drink We’ve heard for quite some time that many clubs offer free drinks to foreigners whom sign up on the guest list. What is even crazier is that now some clubs even pay foreigners to frequent their establishment. The reasoning behind this is the same reason that many clubs provide free drinks to foreigners. The theory is that by filling the club with trendy foreigners the club will…

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Sanya, Hainan travel video

A video of my trip to Sanya, Hainan. Enjoy. Sanya is the capital city of Hainnan island, known by many Chinese people as the Chinese Hawai. It has a tropical climate and beautiful beaches. A truly lovely getaway.

Sanya, the Chinese Hawaii

An amazing vacation spot

Sanya is the capital city of the Chinese Island of Hainan. A large island South of the Chinese mainland in the South China Sea. Its a very popular Chinese tourist spot with Russian’s Western teachers and Russian holidaymakers alike.