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If you have some questions that need answering, or you just simply want to know a bit more about China TEFLer then read on… Can I travel with a friend or partner? YES: If travelling is something that you would love to do but you’re not sure how you would adjust to moving on your own, then the answer to this question is yes. You do have the option of applying with a friend or partner, although if you want to go alone then that is completely fine also. Can I choose where to work and live in China? YES:…

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Yuyuan gardens, Shanghai


With January very much round the corner it might be time to start thinking about those dreaded ‘new year’s resolutions’ that we all love to jump on board with, but hate to go through with. If you want some realistic, exciting and ‘do-able’ resolution inspiration then continue reading…. Meet new people Perhaps you have found yourself becoming more reserved and shy in your day to day life, and you want your resolution to involve meeting new people, putting yourself our there, and making more lifelong friends. Applying to China TEFLer will certainly be sure to remedy this one. Moving to…

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  So if you have arrived at the decision that a year of travelling, teaching, earning and loving a life in China is for you, then ensure that you have these five things before applying. 1 Need to be a Graduate. Whatever it is you have studied from Science to Law, having a degree is something that China TEFLer typically looks for, and is wanted by the schools out in China. 2 Need to be an English speaking national. The schools require that applicants must be English-speaking nationals. Whether you are from Britain, Canada, Australia or America, as long as…

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In a foreign country where your Mandarin might still be a bit wobbly, there are some things you need to watch out for. This blog post is not aimed to worry you but to give you some friendly advice that might come in handy. There are a few popular scams that happen typically around tourist areas, particularly Beijing that happen day in day out. If you’re soon to move to China and want to prepare yourself for potential scams then read on. ‘Tea scam’: Typically done by young Chinese women, English speaking Chinese natives will approach obvious tourists in busy…

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