First Leap English, Beijing & Shenyang

Hi! My name is Lewis. I’m originally from the UK, born and raised in a small city called Bath, located in the South West of England. The intention of this blog is to give you an honest insight of my first couple of months in China. I will describe from my own perspective and I’ll try to be as honest as I can. I would describe my first week in China as ‘dangerously interesting’. When I say that now, it was a learning curve for me. But when I first came, I had difficulties in terms my contract with my…

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How about diversifying your culture whilst growing a successful career in teaching? These pointers should help to kick-start your TEFL experience… Once in a lifetime experience An opportunity to experience China’s unique ancient and modern culture, surely a great conversation starter? This opportunity will set you up, developing your communication, confidence and teamwork skills. We live in an increasingly interconnected world Moving away from the UK doesn’t need to be so scary anymore! With technological advancements, communication with friends and family can be in seconds. Travel Holding some of the most varied and spectacular natural wonders of the world, China…

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  So if you have arrived at the decision that a year of travelling, teaching, earning and loving a life in China is for you, then ensure that you have these five things before applying. 1 Need to be a Graduate. Whatever it is you have studied from Science to Law, having a degree is something that China TEFLer typically looks for, and is wanted by the schools out in China. 2 Need to be an English speaking national. The schools require that applicants must be English-speaking nationals. Whether you are from Britain, Canada, Australia or America, as long as…

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Hangzhou Cityscape

How money works in China

All about that dollar…. *Yuan Currency  The Chinese currency is the Ren Min Bi (lit. people’s currency).  However people also refer to the currency as the Chinese Yuan. To complicate things further, in China, you will often hear the word ‘Kuai’, meaning ‘piece’ used to refer to money. Kuai is a colloquial expression used in the same way we say ‘quid’ in the U.K or ‘bucks’ in the U.S. The note denominations are 100, 50, 20, 10, 5 & 1 RMB notes. There are also 1 RMB coins along with 5 mao and 1 mao coins. 10 mao makes 1…

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5 Mistakes You will probably make during your first day teaching in China

China is a challenge and the first time you find yourself standing at the front of a classroom filled with bright eyed Chinese students is a definite character builder. As new teachers it takes a little time and practice to refine our teaching methods and many of us will make a number of common mistakes. Here’s a look at those mistakes along with suggestions for addressing them. Speak too fast As native speakers of English if we are not used to teaching english we tend to misjudge the speed at which we are projecting our words. Even a slow speed…

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Zhenyuan riverside

9 things you’re gonna feel hard during your first week in China

Teaching in China takes you on long both real and emotional journey and the first week of China is commonly known as the most difficult part of the whole experience. Here are 9 things other teachers identified as being very real during their first week and why you will feel it. Anxiety Before landing in China you’re gonna be anxious to get started. You’re gonna feel eager to get stuck in and curious about all the new sights, sounds and smells that await you. Tiredness When you first arrive your body clock is going to be running behind and Jet-lag…

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