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Travelling back to China during coronavirus

This article is all about how to travel safely back to China during the Covid 19 pandemic. YChina presenter Raz recently filmed his experience of travelling back to China in the height of coronavirus travel restrictions. In it, he shared some startling costs and advice for how to get back to China during coronavirus as hassle free as possible.

The 5 items he lists for being necessary in preparation for the flight back to China were:
  1. A negative Covid-19 test
  2. A fully completed health declaration form
  3. An ample supply of face masks
  4. Your boarding Pass
  5. Your passport (with all relevant visas)

Travelling back to China during coronavirus;The flight

The fascinating thing with this report is the sheer price of flying. In the video Raz claims to have paid north of $5000 USD in total for his flights back to China. Looking at Skyscanner today I found that this seems to be a little higher than the prices I encountered. For example for a direct flight by China Southern in just under 2 weeks time Skyscanner quoted me at $1822 for the best flight. For a flight further in advance, in this case, 5 weeks time, the price was very affordable at only $552.

flight price on skyscanner from london to shanghai in 2 weeks time
The price of 1822 USD for a short notice flight.
travelling back to china during coronavirus flight prices
If you can book in advanced the prices seem to be back to their former low prices. Only $552 for a flight in 5 weeks time.

Arrival to your Chinese airport

Upon arrival the Chinese airport seems to have an incredibly well organised Covid screening system and infrastructure for disinfecting passengers possessions and getting them to their designated quarantine hotel.

Travelling back to China during coronavirus; your Quarantine hotel

While travelling back to China during coronavirus, current regulations require all arrivals to self finance themselves in a designated quarantine hotel for 14 days prior to returning to normal life in China. In typical Chinese fashion, hotels are to a very good standard and affordable. The video prices Raz’s hotel at 300 to 400 RMB per day, which would be around $800 USD for a 14 day wait. This all adds up so if you are returning to work in China it is worth knowing beforehand if your school will finance or reimburse this.

Our ChinaTEFLer summary

There is no denying that Coronavirus has made it more challenging to travel. However, it is great to see China handling these extra precautions in such an organised fashion. Although inconvenient, these small changes to the arrival process should not deter those seriously wishing to return to China and the organised control methods give us confidence in China preventing future Covid outbreaks from foreigners returning to China.

Below is his full video and you can check out their youtube page here.

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