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TEFL certification is one of the things that I am being asked more and more nowadays. Almost every new recruit wanting to do this great experience is either fresh out of  uni or doing it for a refreshing and beneficial change from their normal typical lifestyle. Thus, there is demand for a cost effective, high quality and quick TEFL certification method. So, using our good friend Google, here is a review of 5 of the many many sites offering that all important certification.



Price for 120 hour certification: $240 is the site that i personally used and also the site that i recommend to others. The body is regulated by BOAA (Board of Academic Advisors) and Ottsa. There are a whole multitude of different courses offered with many optional extras such as a diploma award and tutor support. The e material they give you to study is relevant and i feel it is reasonably well structured. The final for the online course was open book and this was easy for me to go through the material and find the answers as i studied, good for the prospect of me passing, arguably not so good to ensure candidates fully comprehend the material. This course is cost effective with a 120 hour course costing $240. $2 an hour if you think about it. Not bad.

Love TEFL landing page to


Price for 120 hour certification: $229 (Currently on offer at $149!)

Love TEFL appears to have a great deal on at the minute but unfortunately expires by 27th March this year so wont be suitable for those still busy with Uni. However, even at its full price it still undercuts by $11. Not bad. Good things in this course are the free tutor support included and the onsite testimonials look very convincing. Love TEFL is also a British based company based in West Yorkshire but from its use of dollars not pounds its clearly well geared up for all English speaking nations. This looks a great course at a great price.


3 & 4) TEFL-online


Price for 120 hour certification: $245

TEFL online is the site of the International Teacher Training Organisation. Visiting and choosing online TEFL courses  takes you to the number 4 website; This firm is based in Mexico and are a pretty standard tefl provider with a wealth of awarding bodies and impressive looking logos. Their online course seems nice and standard and costs $245 and they seem to push applicants to doing a 140 hour course with ‘direct job offers’ for $295. This seems a little expensive in light of its powerful competitors.

5) i to i

Price for 120 hour certification: $329

These guys don’t seem to have realised yet that there are serious competitors out their and they need a competitive price to match. The 120 course starts from $329 reduced from $349 and is much higher than the standard for the other four competitors. The course is bragged on their site as the ‘worlds first and best online TEFL course’. Indeed, first’s tend to be superseded by newer, fiercer firms and the fact that this firms price structure seems set in its ways in an increasingly competitive industry suggests that it may be time for this one trick pony to restructure.  My thoughts, its too expensive.

i to iConclusion

So looking at these choices it seems that there is a large amount of choice when looking for online certification. Three of these four online courses were very similarly priced with the original holding out for a bigger price. So the choice is yours, take your pick! 🙂

If anyone has experience of these courses or other sites that you would like to recommend then hit us up in the comments below!

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