A look at my Chinese Apartment!

Heres a video of my apartment.

Hi everyone Im Ben from Guiyang in Southwest China. Today Im going to take you a little tour around my Chinese apartment. so lets have a look. First on the agenda, juicy door complete with upside down Fu symbol meaning blessing in Chinese. Unfortunately the door is not as secure as I would like. I was burgled once when I forgot to double lock it! Lovely little painting as you turn around you will see my authentic pine table. Behind this is a water butt. In China you cant drink the tap water. This is purified tap water. You can drink this hot or cold. On the shelves are a few Chinese momentos, textbooks etc. Open plan living room complete with 2 piece sweet and new TV. Fan for the winter and Heater for the summer. The smoke alarm i bought from England. Then my nice small double bedroom with overhead storage. No wardrobes in the small bedroom.
In the small kitchen there is a fridge, microwave, rice cooker etc. Then a small bathroom. The washing machine needs connecting to the water and water outlet every time. Boiler is warm but sometimes leaks a little carbon monoxide. One traditional Chinese hob in the Kitchen. Small sink is very small and only suitable for dwarves. Spare double bedroom, Convenient for guests and has two large wardrobes. Outside the window is a rail for drying clothes and the windows are surrounded by cages to stop people breaking in! I live in the city centre in a fairly ‘less developed’ ghetto style area. All in all not a bad flat. Perfectly suitable for working in China. Thanks for watching and see you in China soon. 🙂

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