Travel cost; 800-3000RMB return flight/ 370-800RMB sleeper train (If available) Accommodation; 50-70RMB/night (hostel) Chengdu is one of Chinas great cities and is the provincial capital of Sichuan province, famous for its delicious spicy food, beautiful women and of course its Panda population. The Chengdu national panda breeding research station is the best place in the world to see the Giant Panda. We went to Chengdu for a weekend break with the aim of clubbing and panda watching. The city Chengdu city is large but easy to get around. The train station is directly connected to the city metro system and…

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The Phillipines

Travel cost; 1000-3000RMB return flight Accommodation; 60-100RMB/night (hostel) Daily budget; 300RMB Of all the places that I have been to on my travels, the beaches and sunsets of the Philippines on Boracay island have been the closest to a perfect paradise. The country is pretty close to China and flights are cheap and regular.  Our itinerary was rushed as we only had 5 days in the country. We landed in Manila, the capital then went to the famous party island a plane, bus and boat ride away. Manila Capital of the Philippines is an excellent place to shop, buy your…

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Tokyo to Kyoto

Travel cost; 1500-5000RMB return flight Accommodation; 80-2000RMB/night (hostel) Daily budget; 300RMB Going to Japan for me was an amazing experience. Since childhood and year seven in school when we had a Chinese visitor come and meet us at school I have always wanted to go. The country is close to China and flights range from between 2000 return from Guiyang via Beijing to Tokyo off-peak to 6000 during the Chinese holiday season. For the 2014 Chinese New Year I decided to push the boat out and went to both Korea and Japan. This is my guide and view of the…

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