We-Chatting your way to fluency. Learn Chinese the ‘Smart’ way

We-Chat your way to learn Chinese

China doesn’t use Facebook and instead has its own set of popular social networking tools. We-Chat is a popular free chatting smart phone app that is used to both share statuses, broadcast mobile photos and Chat on instant messenger, one that almost everyone in the entire country has. We-Chat is a great free app. And also happens to be the main reason that I consider my written Chinese to have developed so quickly.If you want to learn Chinese, it can be a great tool.

Every day since I got the app. I have used it to talk to Chinese locals in both English and Chinese for hours on end. The beauty of a We-Chat style app. is that due to it residing on your phone, which is almost always on hand, it is convenient to use. Furthermore, if you live in China there are no shortage of people to add and talk to in order to practice your mandarin.  Using We-Chat or similar software is a great way to socialise as writing, unlike speaking enables you time to study  the questions and statements that you have just been given and allows you to study it. Furthermore, you can use a translator tool such as google translate to help communicate on language aspects that you are still unfamiliar with. When learning Chinese, using apps like We-Chat to communicate with Chinese speakers makes the job of having a go and just speaking out easier as you are not physically looking at the person you are talking to. It’s also a nice advantage that unlike face to face chats, you have all the time in the world to respond. A much more relaxed way to learn Chinese.

Finally, regarding your spoken Chinese, apps. Such as We-Chat have a voice message recording facility allowing you to send voice messages thus practice your spoken language ability in an indirect and less intimidating manner. You can even merge the two message systems together, sending the voice message and then send the same message in writing to enable the reader to compare the two. These apps are really useful in the modern world, not only do they cover their intended purpose to socialise. But they help people learn new languages too!

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