Shangri la

Yunnan is considered to have three remaining ancient towns. Shangri-La is the northern most and in my opinion is significantly the most beautiful of them. With an altitude of approximately 3500 meters. It is not uncommon to see yaks walking down the street and the town has no shortage of surrounding temples and scenic spots. If you ever get here, I strongly recommend the local food. Untypical of Chinese places they have an abundance of dairy products from fresh yoghurt to yaks butter tea. Most evenings around the calendar the local tribespeople host a dinner party event that tourists can…

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The fastest way to learn Chinese

We all like the idea of learning another language, particularly one as useful, visually and audibly distinct as Chinese. In one and a half years I’ve gone from 0 to near fluent and learned a lot of things since that could have made me learn even faster. So here is my guide to get competent in mandarin in no time at all. Live in China Learning a language works best by studying a little every day. This slow, continuous study progressively builds your vocabulary and knowledge and grows over a steady period of time. Living in China allows you to…

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Tefl Certification, the best way to get certified for China

In order to teach English in China and all around the world officially, you require a TEFL certificate. The ways and means for getting a TEFL certificate are broad and getting certified can cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands. The choice can be made easier by separating into two distinct options, online and offline. OfflineTEFL certification is usually more structured, lengthy and costly whereas online TEFL certification is usually quicker and less formal with less structured training and a much lower cost. Offline courses Offline certification usually comprises of you going to attend a number of lectures…

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