Students in a Chinese English school for the summer camp

Teaching a Summer Camp

For public schools the summer holidays are a time of rest and the teachers can begin their long, relaxing work free breaks. However, fro private schools it is a time for capitalising on a long period of potential money making by giving finding financially profitable ways to fill up the kids free time. Giving them days and days of fun and interactive lessons to form a summer camp. For so many private teachers like me, this doesn’t mean we can rest. It in fact means overtime! This year I taught a summer immersion camp for my school. There were three…

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My parcel destined for the U.K

Posting your belongings back home from China

To save me from lugging my hand luggage around with me I decided to post all the things I wanted to take home but didn’t have room for. This mainly comprised of my winter gear, jumpers and a jacket along with an abundance of multinational souvenirs such as Japanese coffee mugs and Cambodian football shirts that I had accumulated over the past 7 months.  In total for this first of two despatches I had about 20 K.G’s of belongings to ship back. Sending them home was surprisingly easy. I took the goods to a city centre located ‘China Post’ office (the official…

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A look at my Chinese Apartment!

Heres a video of my apartment. Transcript: Hi everyone Im Ben from Guiyang in Southwest China. Today Im going to take you a little tour around my Chinese apartment. so lets have a look. First on the agenda, juicy door complete with upside down Fu symbol meaning blessing in Chinese. Unfortunately the door is not as secure as I would like. I was burgled once when I forgot to double lock it! Lovely little painting as you turn around you will see my authentic pine table. Behind this is a water butt. In China you cant drink the tap water.…

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This Site

This website is run by Noon Elite recruitment and intended to give people considering coming to work/adventure/teach in China a guide to how life actually is for foreigners like me in the modern day China. There are blog style guides describing everything that us travellers have done here including price guides and ideas for travelling in and out of China and tips on how to live life comfortably in a typical Chinese up and coming city. This site is particularly useful to those interested in teaching English in China and contains links and helpful information to start your adventure complete with current…

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