My name is Ben Noon, I am a 23 year old recent university graduate that has lived in a lesser known ‘up and coming’ city in China for just over 17 months. I work as a foreign English teacher, teaching English in China in a private school to students aged 4 to 14. I built this website to show my experiences of this great adventure along with hopefully informing others about what day to day life in real china for a young foreign teacher is like. China is a great country and its emerging global power makes it an excellent place to understand further.

I live in a small city named Guiyang (贵阳), which is the provincial capital of Guizhou (贵州) province, Southwest china and Chinas poorest province. Guizhou province is a very mountainous area dominated by the limestone karst topography. Guiyang, the provincial capital city lies in the centre of the province, surrounded by mountains and hills in all directions. Guiyang is a relatively small city, having a population of approximately 4 million people (comparatively small compared to Beijing’s 12 million mouths). As a result of its remote location, the province is one of the few remaining places where foreigners are scarce and westerners are still treated as novelties. Its probably one of the last places in China where it is still an up and coming trend to have foreign English teachers to teach English in China.
As a result of Guiyang being remote and foreigners being low, in accordance with the classic laws of supply and demand good foreign teachers are hard to find and there is a big demand for decent, hardworking people to come to Guiyang to teach English to the large number of students yearning to learn the world language from a native speaker. In other words, there are opportunities for foreigners to come here, and money to go with it.

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