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Why Teaching English in China is the perfect choice after graduation

Upon graduation many of us seem so keen and eager to get out there and do something completely new and fresh from sat taking in lectures and writing dissertations. Teaching English in China is exactly that and so much more. Here’s why…

Work Experience

Working on the far side of the world in a new country that speaks  a different language is a challenge, those willing to rise to the challenge need ambition, character and confidence. These traits are highly desirable to prospective employers and help show that you have a good work ethic and can be relied on to do the job that needs to be done. By living and working China, you will gain many transferable skills that are equally useful back home such as communication skills, teamwork and the ability to work to deadlines.  In addition to these homogeneous skills, you will gain many other qualities that those back home will not get the chance to develop. The big one is experience in working in a Chinese business culture, additionally, knowledge of the Chinese language will also be a skill that sets you apart. These abilities and skills are what make work experience in the far East highly desirable to prospective employers.


Its not all  work, teaching in China gives you the opportunity to live in completely different surroundings based in an entirely new location. This means that those once exotic, distant sounding travel destinations of Cambodia, Thailand and other South East Asian countries are now easily accessible by a budget flight. By living in China we are able to visit an entirely new range of places and countries. Moreover, as you are working on a good salary in China you will be able to afford to travel regularly, ideal for any of you wanderlusts out there.


The whole experience from start to finish is a huge adventure. From your first time ordering food in a local restaurant to climbing the  great wall. A life living and working in China will be full of experiences and memorable moments and will totally change your life for the better. By living in a foreign environment you will be surrounded with new people and new places and things to see and do. Along the way you will meet many new people and see and do many new things, these experiences, friends and memories are what makes life memorable and by Teaching English in China you open the door to a very interesting future.

Learn Chinese

After graduation you will suddenly find yourself with a void where you used to be busy learning new things, after graduation is the perfect time to fill this void with something useful and learn mandarin Chinese, the most spoken language on earth. By living and working in China learning this rich language becomes infinitely easier as your conducive environment constantly yields opportunities to practice, perfect and understand your new dialect. By learning Chinese you keep your brain focussed and continue to better yourself and rightfully deserve to reap the rewards understanding mandarin brings.

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