Daily Life

Stewed frog and shrimps. Sound juicy?

One of my Chinese friends came round and showed me how to make this rather peculiar dish. It is a white rice dish which then has 1 vegetable dish of tomatoes and sugar with 2 meat dishes of Frog and Shrimp. The frogs intestines are pulled out before being placed into a red hot wok with a little lard. After frying, green vegetable shoots are added along with peas. The shrimps are boiled  whole for around 5/ 10 minutes in a wok of boiling water. The rice is cooked in a small convenient rice cooker.  When this is prepared, a small bowl of La Jia (Chilli pepper) is added with onion shoots, soy and seafood sauce to make the dip. The dish tastes pretty good, however as expected, there is not a lot of meat on the frogs and so picking the meat from the small bones is tedious.


These are pics of my actual apartment whilst teaching English in Guiyang, China. My apartment has all the usual cooking, cleaning facilities, two bedrooms, a bathroom/shower with western toilet and large open plan living room. It is in a rough environment but the interior to me at least seems very amicable.


The food we eat

Chinas worldwide reputation for tasty food abroad is well known. But in China its-self you may be surprised by the strange staple foods of local communities. Guiyang province is particularly well known for its spicy foods and specialities include sour fish hotpot and pig intestine noodles. The pictures show some of the many delicious foods on offer in Guiyang and in China as a whole, from Siwawa to scorpions. Tasty stuff .

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