Daily Life

More Guiyang apartments

The following 2 movies are video tours of my colleagues apartments in down town Guiyang. There is a  double apartment- two apartments joined together and a single self contained apartment with a large bedroom and bathroom. I have tried to be as neutral as possible when describing these flats along with their pros and cons. I hope you find it eye opening.


Double Chinese apartment

Single apartment with a large bathroom

My parcel destined for the U.K

Posting your belongings back home from China

To save me from lugging my hand luggage around with me I decided to post all the things I wanted to take home but didn’t have room for. This mainly comprised of my winter gear, jumpers and a jacket along with an abundance of multinational souvenirs such as Japanese coffee mugs and Cambodian football shirts that I had accumulated over the past 7 months.  In total for this first of two despatches I had about 20 K.G’s of belongings to ship back. Sending them home was surprisingly easy. I took the goods to a city centre located ‘China Post’ office (the official…

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Dinner time

As a foreigner in China you will eventually have to attend an important or formal dinner, and there are some things you should know: Chinese formal: if you are thinking you will arrive and everybody will be dress up and “formal” you are wrong, in Guiyang most of the time people wear formal-casual outfits and you are a foreigner so it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing most of the time. If you are supposed to wear something particular someone will let you know. Places at the table: usually the most important person at the table will sit across…

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Qianling Park monkey drinking from a bottle

Qianling park, a walk in the park!

Qianling park, Guiyang, China. A walk in the park Qianling Mountain Park is a large, mountain filled Wilderness Park filed with trees, temples, mountains, monkeys and a huge lake. It is also my local park and a place I often visit to walk around and enjoy the fresh air and peace that is seemingly impossible to find in an urban environment. Qianling Park is a great place in Guiyang to walk around, show visitors around, view wildlife, play sports and all round enjoy. The park is interestingly positioned, surrounded by mountains on one side and a packed city on the…

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