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How to get the best flight ticket price for China

Almost all teaching positions in China include a one off lump sum intended to contribute towards the cost of flying to and from your school in China. As you are given a lump sum, it is all the more in your interest to get the best deal possible when booking a flight out. Here are a few tips.

Book at least 53 days in advance

Recent research by a large comparison site Momondo found that on average booking 53 days in advance or earlier gives you a 29% saving compared to booking on the day of departure.This highlights the importance of getting your paperwork and Visa ready promptly and booking a flight nice and early.

Fly midweek

As a general rule, there are more available seats on planes in the midweek where demand is lower. Farecompare.com state Wednesday as the most cost effective day of the week to travel. So, booking a seat Tuesday to Thursday may save you a small fortune compared to the same flight at the weekend.

Consider taking an indirect flight

They may take longer, but they sure can be much cheaper too. Many indirect flights have only a few hours between connected flights and those short hours will fly by in the airport with free WIFI and phone charging stations. Also, if you are going to a smaller city in China and have the time you may want to consider taking a train for part of the way. Trains in China are cheap and if you know how to buy a ticket and use them they can be a much cheaper alternative to costly internal Chinese flights.

Use a flight comparison search engine

Websites such as skyscanner compare thousands of flights with search options that enable easy comparison of fares spread across days of the week, location and between direct/indirect routes. Doing your research and planning your flight to China in advance may save you in excess of $1500.



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