The forbidden city

Top 4 mistakes NOT to make in China

We recommend doing many things in China. Here’s four that we most certainly don’t!

4 Not learning the language

You have the opportunity in China unlike any other. To learn the worlds most spoken language in its home nation. Surrounding yourself in an environment that speaks Chinese creates optimal conditions for learning, speaking and practising your mandarin. As China becomes an increasingly prominent player in global affairs, proficiency in the nations tongue is becoming more and more desirable  to international employers and taking the time to learn this fascinating, rich language is something that will pay dividends for years to come.

Learning Chinese is not easy but then again is any great achievement? To surpass the handful of words that are almost given to you requires consistent study and practice. But doing so is a highly rewarding journey. By not learning Chinese you are throwing away a golden opportunity to develop your understanding of this rich and wonderful culture.  Wanna make them most of your time in China? Learn the language.

3 Not immersing yourself in the culture 

Yes China has Starbucks. You can get a breakfast at McDonalds, feast on a dairy Queen blizzard for lunch and stuff yourself full of KFC chicken wings for dinner . But you can do that back home and save the airfare. China has a rich and wonderful culture stretching back over many dynasties and thousands of years. Living among the locals of this nation gives you the opportunity to celebrate dragon Boat festival, eat moon cakes during the lunar festival and celebrate Chinese new year like a native. Doing these things is not only great fun and highly memorable, but will give you a first person perspective of ancient Chinese culture and customs and will help you see the world through an entirely different perspective.

Immersing yourselves in the local culture in a country where many locals don’t speak a word of English can be daunting. But if you insulate yourself from your surroundings and refuse to embrace the nation that hosts you begs the question of was it really worth coming here in the first place. Grab life with both hands and dive into the local culture.

2 Not exploring

China is a huge, diverse nation and there are no shortage of new adventure to take or interesting places to explore. Seeing the country that you have travelled to will help you better understand your understanding of the culture and national identity as a whole and provides many photographs, happy memories and lifelong experiences along the way.

The language barrier is bound to make exploring more challenging, just buying tickets from your local train station can be an adventure in its self. But by avoiding new places and experiences you are missing out on so many memories and life lessons. If you choose to go to China, then go to it. Don’t just stop in your comfort zone. That wasn’t the reason you came here.

1 Not going 

All this said and done, none of these rewards and many more would be possible if you wasn’t here in the first place. Visiting China is a life changing experience like no other and not only provides an adventure during the time you are over here but pays you dividends for the rest of your life. There will for sure be times when you feel like you just want to go home and countless challenges along the way. but overcoming these make the whole adventure all the more rewarding. Going to China gives you so much more than a good time. Come and find out what its like.

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