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Why spending a year or more in China is a solid investment

China is not only a great adventure but also a sound investment that pays for its self many times over. Here’s how.

Learn the language

Working in China gives you an unique and excellent opportunity to learn mandarin Chinese. As the most widely spoken language in the world and the official language of one of the largest economies in the world its no surprise that learning mandarin Chinese is excellent for improving your career prospects. Proficiency in mandarin Chinese opens the door to many business internships in large Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing and once you return home fluency in mandarin can help secure you a better job in a variety of sectors from hospitality to finance. Any large international organisation likely to deal with China will value proficiency in the nations official tongue.

Work experience abroad

With the increasing number of graduates competing in the global economy for work combined with many graduates writing travelling on their CV, employers are increasingly valuing tangible work experience abroad and differentiating it from the traditional travelling statement. Travelling although valuable can imply the applicant has spent a gapyear partying and getting drunk, whereas actual work experience in an upcoming country such as China can show actual passion for personal development and can indicate a good work ethic. Qualities that will be valued by many glazing over your CV.

Business contacts 

‘Its not what you know its who you know’. How much you value this old saying is up to you but there is no doubt that connections and contacts have their uses. In a nation with the largest consumer market in the entire world making the right connections can provide huge long term strategic advantages.

Good salary

The demand for teachers in China is huge and this demand and limited supply provides the excellent salary opportunities that we see today.

Personal development

Living independently on the other side of the world, learning a completely different language and gaining experience in an entirely foreign culture. Not to mention travelling, working and thriving in that environment will change you. You will grow, develop and improve yourself undoubtedly and this improvement will pay dividends for the rest of your life, both in terms of business and personal.

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