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Suzhou garden

7 things you really should take to China with you

None of these things are life or death, but bringing them will be prove helpful for you in the future. Laptop Obviously, laptops can be bought readily in China, but the tax structure and import duties mean that it is often considerably more expensive to buy a laptop in china than back home. Furthermore, if the laptop is a windows PC and bought in China then it will have the Chinese operating system and the language permanently fixed in Chinese. This can lead to obvious problems if you still have a way to go on your Chinese character recognition .…

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Shanghai financial tower

5 clever tricks to use your time in China to get rich

China is quickly becoming the land of opportunity for foreign experts to come and earn good money in exchange for providing their demanded skills and talents. As the global language of the world, English is currently in high demand and with insufficient teacher supply to slake the huge demand teachers that come to China find they can earn a very tidy income doing something they love. For those with money on their mind, here are a few tips to make the most of your time in China. 1 Extra tuition Extra tuition on the side in China can prove a…

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Yuyuan gardens, Shanghai

5 quick tips to make the most of your year in China

There are fewer things more daunting than packing your belongings and flying over to the other side of the world to start a completely new life in a strange country with a strange language. Although it is undeniable that almost all new teachers gain a lot from China, there are still those that gain more than others. Here’s 5 quick pointers to help make your china trip the best it can be. 1 Learn a little Chinese before you go Chinese is a very different language from English and its vast differentiation in the way it is expressed both orally…

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ong Kong skyline from the Peak

Why spending a year or more in China is a solid investment

China is not only a great adventure but also a sound investment that pays for its self many times over. Here’s how. Learn the language Working in China gives you an unique and excellent opportunity to learn mandarin Chinese. As the most widely spoken language in the world and the official language of one of the largest economies in the world its no surprise that learning mandarin Chinese is excellent for improving your career prospects. Proficiency in mandarin Chinese opens the door to many business internships in large Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing and once you return home…

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