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The forbidden city

Top 4 mistakes NOT to make in China

We recommend doing many things in China. Here’s four that we most certainly don’t! 4 Not learning the language You have the opportunity in China unlike any other. To learn the worlds most spoken language in its home nation. Surrounding yourself in an environment that speaks Chinese creates optimal conditions for learning, speaking and practising your mandarin. As China becomes an increasingly prominent player in global affairs, proficiency in the nations tongue is becoming more and more desirable  to international employers and taking the time to learn this fascinating, rich language is something that will pay dividends for years to…

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Shanghai finance building

The best things about China that you don’t even know about

Its common knowledge that China has an abundance of cheap, delicious food and friendly locals, here’s a few cool things that you didn’t know. Many clubs are free, some pay you to drink We’ve heard for quite some time that many clubs offer free drinks to foreigners whom sign up on the guest list. What is even crazier is that now some clubs even pay foreigners to frequent their establishment. The reasoning behind this is the same reason that many clubs provide free drinks to foreigners. The theory is that by filling the club with trendy foreigners the club will…

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Buddhist temple Hangzhou

7 things you will miss about China upon your return home

Reverse culture shock is real. Here’s seven ways in which we think you will feel it upon your return home. Cheap food China has no shortage of delicious, affordable food and with filling meals starting from less than 10RMB its an incredible opportunity to eat out whenever you like, as often as you like. From street stalls to nice restaurants, the food provides an insight into the culture and an amazing gastronomic experience. Returning home to your native cuisine although undoubtedly amazing for a short period of time surely cant compete to the choices and price available in China. Social…

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Suzhou canal night

How Teaching English in China will help make the most of your life

Teaching English in China helps you in so many more ways than providing an income. It lengthens your life, develops your future and makes you a more interesting person. Here’s how. Lifelong travel experiences The adventure of Teaching English in a country as diverse an different as China will undoubtedly provide many new challenges and adventures along the way. It is these adventures that make life what it is and provide the rich experiences that provide us with countless stories to tell and teach us lessons to constantly self improve. Teach you another language Learning another language doesn’t just sound…

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