Trips Abroad

The Phillipines

Travel cost; 1000-3000RMB return flight Accommodation; 60-100RMB/night (hostel) Daily budget; 300RMB Of all the places that I have been to on my travels, the beaches and sunsets of the Philippines on Boracay island have been the closest to a perfect paradise. The country is pretty close to China and flights are cheap and regular.  Our itinerary was rushed as we only had 5 days in the country. We landed in Manila, the capital then went to the famous party island a plane, bus and boat ride away. Manila Capital of the Philippines is an excellent place to shop, buy your…

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Tokyo to Kyoto

Travel cost; 1500-5000RMB return flight Accommodation; 80-2000RMB/night (hostel) Daily budget; 300RMB Going to Japan for me was an amazing experience. Since childhood and year seven in school when we had a Chinese visitor come and meet us at school I have always wanted to go. The country is close to China and flights range from between 2000 return from Guiyang via Beijing to Tokyo off-peak to 6000 during the Chinese holiday season. For the 2014 Chinese New Year I decided to push the boat out and went to both Korea and Japan. This is my guide and view of the…

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