Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger leaping Gorge The first amazing wonder you need to know about is Tiger leaping Gorge. This large, romantically named gorge is where the Yangtze River is violently and narrowly channelled through a 3000m steep gorge acting as a border between two Yunnan mountain ranges; the ‘Haba’ snow mountain range to the north and the Yu Long snow mountain range to the south. The mountains are extremely steep and dominating with a predominantly grey gritty rock formation. The bare stone contrasts against the clear blue sky above and the foaming white thrashing river below. The gorge supposedly gets its name from an event that happened long ago. In ancient times it is said that a tiger, pursued by hunters escaped to safety by jumping a narrow section of the gorge to the other side thus evading the hunters and allowing the tiger to live another day. Whatever the matter whether this is true or not, Tiger leaping gorge is a stunning site to see.

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