Students in a Chinese English school for the summer camp

Teaching a Summer Camp

For public schools the summer holidays are a time of rest and the teachers can begin their long, relaxing work free breaks. However, fro private schools it is a time for capitalising on a long period of potential money making by giving finding financially profitable ways to fill up the kids free time. Giving them days and days of fun and interactive lessons to form a summer camp. For so many private teachers like me, this doesn’t mean we can rest. It in fact means overtime!

This year I taught a summer immersion camp for my school. There were three 40 minute classes per day with 10 minute breaks in-between. These lasted for 3 days a week for two weeks then 2 days in the final week. Totally comprising of 8 days spread over three July weeks.

Each day I taught a fun activity such as planted flowers, made football shirts or even pitched a tent. we taught al about the environment and outdoors as-well as the recent Brazil 2014 world cup. I must say, I think that the kids got a lot out of it.  Below are photos showing exactly what it is like to be a summer camp teacher.

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