Pagoda at night in Fenghuang ancient town.

Promotion time in Guiyang

As I’m on a morning stroll around Fenghuang’s old canal, the Guiyang branch of English First contact me.

I had had an interview with them a week before, but I assumed it was just similar teaching work to what I am now used to.

Turns out that they want me to their new Director of Studies, someone responsible for managing the foreign teachers team and resources, coordinating with all the other departments and recruiting potential teachers. In short, a big job.

I  was pretty taken aback at first, as I believed I was too inexperienced to take on such a big responsibility. I am not even 24 yet and suddenly I have been asked to run a school. I was prepared to cowardly decline their proposal, before I realised that this is what I wanted.

I wanted real progression in a potential teaching career. Most people would kill for an opportunity like it, and here it was staring me in the face.

I accepted the position, and then all the apprehension gave way for excitement that I could really make a difference and do some good. Every time I had complained or whined about poorly scheduled classes or equipment that didn’t work at my old school, would now all be on me to sort out and fix.

So as I said, life in Guiyang as an ESL Teacher; it never fails to surprise me.

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