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Having some trouble deciding where to go for your ChinaTEFLer experience? Then this article is just for you! Beijing Beijing is the heart of China, and has a fantastic history that stretches back over 3 millennia; meaning you will never be lost for something new to discover or do. From the National Museum of China that displays a vast and fascinating collection of ancient, cultural relics, to the Great Wall of China; a famous architectural site, containing some of the world’s greatest historical stories – Beijing is perfect for anyone with an interest in breath-taking places. In addition to this,…

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Beijing glass UFO bridge

The new glass UFO. Walk on glass over a sheer deadly drop.

Continuing from China’s impressive glass constructions dedicated to raising adrenaline and better selfies is the new Stone forest Glass U.F.O. A terrifying looking glass circle hovering over a sheer, deadly drop. This activity is not recommended for any of our readers with vertigo. What on earth is it? The glass structure, looking like a U.F.O is a circular glass walkway suspended over the top of Stone Forest gorge, a Chinese scenic area 2 hours drive from Beijing. The structure is suspended by multiple steel cables supported from an overhanging steel ark. The U.F.O its self is built from a rigid…

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Teaching English in Beijing

Beijing is the modern capital of China. It is busy, hectic and very competitive. Due to Beijing being such a touristy city combined with its size and relatively high level of development compared to other Chinese cities, the city is rather Westernised with many of the local Beijingers able to speak Chinese. Due to the cities fame and reputation, competition to secure a TEFL job in Beijing is fierce, meaning that regulations for jobs in the city are normally rather difficult with the majority of schools public and private only selecting fully TEFL qualified candidates with at least 2 years…

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