Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China, how to do it, why do it, everything about how to Teach English in China! :)

Dinner time

As a foreigner in China you will eventually have to attend an important or formal dinner, and there are some things you should know: Chinese formal: if you are thinking you will arrive and everybody will be dress up and “formal” you are wrong, in Guiyang most of the time people wear formal-casual outfits and you are a foreigner so it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing most of the time. If you are supposed to wear something particular someone will let you know. Places at the table: usually the most important person at the table will sit across…

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We-Chatting your way to fluency. Learn Chinese the ‘Smart’ way

We-Chat your way to learn Chinese China doesn’t use Facebook and instead has its own set of popular social networking tools. We-Chat is a popular free chatting smart phone app that is used to both share statuses, broadcast mobile photos and Chat on instant messenger, one that almost everyone in the entire country has. We-Chat is a great free app. And also happens to be the main reason that I consider my written Chinese to have developed so quickly.If you want to learn Chinese, it can be a great tool. Every day since I got the app. I have used it…

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The fastest way to learn Chinese

We all like the idea of learning another language, particularly one as useful, visually and audibly distinct as Chinese. In one and a half years I’ve gone from 0 to near fluent and learned a lot of things since that could have made me learn even faster. So here is my guide to get competent in mandarin in no time at all. Live in China Learning a language works best by studying a little every day. This slow, continuous study progressively builds your vocabulary and knowledge and grows over a steady period of time. Living in China allows you to…

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Teach English in China

Teach English in China. How to teach English in China well to students that have little energy to learn. Teach English in China gold!

How to teach English in China In the private school sector, it is important to remember that your job is to teach English in China to students as extra classes outside of their already busy and demanding public school schedule. Therefore, the students you are teaching will have little free time and a lot of pressure from their demanding schedule. This article gives my experience to suggest how to engage and teach these students without tiring them out and giving them extra pressure. Our duty as a TEFL teacher isn’t to one dimensionally teach English in China. I don’t believe…

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