Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China, how to do it, why do it, everything about how to Teach English in China! :)

Teach English in China

Teach English in China. How to teach English in China well to students that have little energy to learn. Teach English in China gold!

How to teach English in China In the private school sector, it is important to remember that your job is to teach English in China to students as extra classes outside of their already busy and demanding public school schedule. Therefore, the students you are teaching will have little free time and a lot of pressure from their demanding schedule. This article gives my experience to suggest how to engage and teach these students without tiring them out and giving them extra pressure. Our duty as a TEFL teacher isn’t to one dimensionally teach English in China. I don’t believe…

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My School

I work for a school called Tian Tian Elite education (田田教育) a private school company employing approximately 200 hundred Chinese teachers and an additional 8 foreign teachers and accommodates an estimated 20,000 students in numerous branch schools dotted around the city and further out in Guizhou province. The school is friendly and has excellent staff and a competitive salary.  Originally, I was down to go anywhere in China except the busy big cities of Beijing and Shanghai and I chose TT in Guiyang for the relatively higher salary compared to other schools. It wasn’t until I started working in Guiyang…

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