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Simply Shanghai. Teach at the center of the new world

  Shanghai, one of the largest, most famous, well known cities in not just China, not just Asia, but the entire world. Famous for its past ties with the west and an outright modern economic epicenter of trade. That all sounds well and good, but what’s it like to teach English here? What’s it like? Shanghai is one of the most popular places to teach English  as a foreign language in the entire world. Its Western features and highly modernized, well maintained city streets make it a great place to start your teaching odyssey; slowly integrating your Western mindset, rather than…

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A day in the lives of 3 real China TEFL Teachers in Guiyang, China

A typical day teaching English in China Instead of more sugary anecdotes suggesting how awesome coming to a poor city and teaching English in China is and constantly looking at it through rose tinted lenses I want to give you a very neutral post about a poorer aspect, teaching in a distant, lower quality school and walking around the surroundings to give you a feel for what it will actually be like if you come to teach here. So, here is mine, Marco and Mitch’s typical Thursday. We start our working day at 4.00 pm so we have the whole…

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Teaching English in Beijing

Beijing is the modern capital of China. It is busy, hectic and very competitive. Due to Beijing being such a touristy city combined with its size and relatively high level of development compared to other Chinese cities, the city is rather Westernised with many of the local Beijingers able to speak Chinese. Due to the cities fame and reputation, competition to secure a TEFL job in Beijing is fierce, meaning that regulations for jobs in the city are normally rather difficult with the majority of schools public and private only selecting fully TEFL qualified candidates with at least 2 years…

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Echo English Binjiang claassroom

A Review of Echo English, Hangzhou

They lied to me, to get me into places like Tiantai – a tiny town with no foreigners and nothing to do –  then they tried it again with Yueqing. One of their employees sexually harassed me within hours of my stepping off the plane. The school pays Echo Education between 13,000 – 16,000 RMB a month. I only see 6,000 of that. They refused to move me from Tiantai when I was genuinely considering suicide due to months of miserable isolation, instead threatening to blacklist me so I would never get another teaching job in China again. When I…

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