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Chinese school children with masks

5 reasons why TEFLing is a great gapyear experience

Year upon year thousands of brave souls from recent graduates to mature businessmen take it upon themselves to stop what they are doing and fly out to a foreign land to teach English. Lets shine some light onto why this prospect is such a great idea. Its good money Teaching English as a second language is a lucrative business in many rising nations, particularly China. Teaching your native tongue as a profession is seen by many as a fun, rewarding way to earn serious money. For example, many new western TEFL teachers in China earn in excess of 3 times the average…

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Chinese menu in South West China

Culture shock and how to handle it

When travelling half the way around the world to begin a new adventure in a culture so different from your own then it is probably no wonder why many new TEFL teachers suffer from a hefty initial dose of culture shock. Here’s a look at some of the stages of culture shock and how to handle them. 1) The honeymoon phase  Firstly comes the honeymoon phase. On moving to a new culture, you will tend to look at your new environment through rose tinted lenses, seeing the good points of all difference you encounter . This will almost certainly start…

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picture of passengers preparing to fly to china

How to get the best flight ticket price for China

Almost all teaching positions in China include a one off lump sum intended to contribute towards the cost of flying to and from your school in China. As you are given a lump sum, it is all the more in your interest to get the best deal possible when booking a flight out. Here are a few tips. Book at least 53 days in advance Recent research by a large comparison site Momondo found that on average booking 53 days in advance or earlier gives you a 29% saving compared to booking on the day of departure.This highlights the importance of getting…

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The top 5 TEFL courses as ranked by Google

  TEFL certification is one of the things that I am being asked more and more nowadays. Almost every new recruit wanting to do this great experience is either fresh out of  uni or doing it for a refreshing and beneficial change from their normal typical lifestyle. Thus, there is demand for a cost effective, high quality and quick TEFL certification method. So, using our good friend Google, here is a review of 5 of the many many sites offering that all important certification. 1) TEFLcourse.net http://www.teflcourse.net Price for 120 hour certification: $240 TEFLcourse.net is the site that i personally used…

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