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TEFL Teacher Richard McDonald with his class and T.A at First Leap English

My Experience Teaching English at First Leap in Beijing

Hi I’m Richard. I am a graduate from the UK and I moved to Beijing to teach English at First Leap English. Here is a review of my experiences. School Where was your school? I am employed by First Leap, a company which has schools/centres right across Beijing and many cities in China. I am situated in Haidian district in the North West region of Beijing at one of the company’s largest centres. What were the working hours like? When I was doing full-time teaching my work hours were as follows: Wednesday-Friday 14:30-20:30, Saturday-Sunday 09:00-19:00, Monday and Tuesday off. I…

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Nick: China – Round 3

My arrival in China this year was very different from my previous experience. I had been to Beijing for a month in 2007, and Dalian for a year in 2010; this time I was headed for Hangzhou. The purpose for my visits was also becoming progressively more serious. Beijing was just one big bar and club crawl combined with a big fake shopping adventure. Haggling was so much fun. I bought so many fake clothes, trainers, Zippos, and replica fighter pilot helmets that I ended up having to pay $300 USD in excess baggage charges on the flight back, which…

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Cultural differences that you will find in China

Cultural differences that you will encounter in China

China’s rich and beautiful culture is one of the pulls of going over to Teach English in China in the first place. However, with such a starkly contrasting culture from that of our own it is only understandable that there will be some customs from time to time that feel strange. In order to help you better prepare for the full China experience, here are five common things to be ready for. Dog is friend, and food. Although a tradition which is rapidly becoming increasingly rare in many Chinese cities. The custom of eating dog, particularly during winter time is…

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