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Cultural differences that you will find in China

Cultural differences that you will encounter in China

China’s rich and beautiful culture is one of the pulls of going over to Teach English in China in the first place. However, with such a starkly contrasting culture from that of our own it is only understandable that there will be some customs from time to time that feel strange. In order to help you better prepare for the full China experience, here are five common things to be ready for. Dog is friend, and food. Although a tradition which is rapidly becoming increasingly rare in many Chinese cities. The custom of eating dog, particularly during winter time is…

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Chinese menu in South West China

Culture shock and how to handle it

When travelling half the way around the world to begin a new adventure in a culture so different from your own then it is probably no wonder why many new TEFL teachers suffer from a hefty initial dose of culture shock. Here’s a look at some of the stages of culture shock and how to handle them. 1) The honeymoon phase¬† Firstly comes the honeymoon phase. On moving to a new culture, you will tend to look at your new environment through rose tinted lenses, seeing the good points of all difference you encounter . This will almost certainly start…

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