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The great wall

10 Places of stunning beauty to take amazing photos

China has so much to see and so many stunning places to feast your eyes upon. Here’s 10 of our favourites to get you salivating. 1 Guilin karst landscape, Guanxi Guilin’s stunning landscapes have enthralled travellers for centuries. Yangshuo, a once sleepy fishing settlement near Guilin is now a honeypot zone and tourist hotspot. 2 Guizhou Miao minority villages The remote Miao villages in Guilin are only a short journey for teachers living in the provincial capital of Guiyang. The Miao tourist village of Xijiang is a beautiful mix of modern behind the scenes infrastructure such as WiFi and heated beds…

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Buddhist temple Hangzhou

7 things you will miss about China upon your return home

Reverse culture shock is real. Here’s seven ways in which we think you will feel it upon your return home. Cheap food China has no shortage of delicious, affordable food and with filling meals starting from less than 10RMB its an incredible opportunity to eat out whenever you like, as often as you like. From street stalls to nice restaurants, the food provides an insight into the culture and an amazing gastronomic experience. Returning home to your native cuisine although undoubtedly amazing for a short period of time surely cant compete to the choices and price available in China. Social…

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Chinese menu in South West China

Culture shock and how to handle it

When travelling half the way around the world to begin a new adventure in a culture so different from your own then it is probably no wonder why many new TEFL teachers suffer from a hefty initial dose of culture shock. Here’s a look at some of the stages of culture shock and how to handle them. 1) The honeymoon phase  Firstly comes the honeymoon phase. On moving to a new culture, you will tend to look at your new environment through rose tinted lenses, seeing the good points of all difference you encounter . This will almost certainly start…

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