Zhenyuan riverside

9 things you’re gonna feel hard during your first week in China

Teaching in China takes you on long both real and emotional journey and the first week of China is commonly known as the most difficult part of the whole experience. Here are 9 things other teachers identified as being very real during their first week and why you will feel it. Anxiety Before landing in China you’re gonna be anxious to get started. You’re gonna feel eager to get stuck in and curious about all the new sights, sounds and smells that await you. Tiredness When you first arrive your body clock is going to be running behind and Jet-lag…

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Beijing glass UFO bridge

The new glass UFO. Walk on glass over a sheer deadly drop.

Continuing from China’s impressive glass constructions dedicated to raising adrenaline and better selfies is the new Stone forest Glass U.F.O. A terrifying looking glass circle hovering over a sheer, deadly drop. This activity is not recommended for any of our readers with vertigo. What on earth is it? The glass structure, looking like a U.F.O is a circular glass walkway suspended over the top of Stone Forest gorge, a Chinese scenic area 2 hours drive from Beijing. The structure is suspended by multiple steel cables supported from an overhanging steel ark. The U.F.O its self is built from a rigid…

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Shanghai financial tower

5 clever tricks to use your time in China to get rich

China is quickly becoming the land of opportunity for foreign experts to come and earn good money in exchange for providing their demanded skills and talents. As the global language of the world, English is currently in high demand and with insufficient teacher supply to slake the huge demand teachers that come to China find they can earn a very tidy income doing something they love. For those with money on their mind, here are a few tips to make the most of your time in China. 1 Extra tuition Extra tuition on the side in China can prove a…

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