ChinaTEFLer complete 12 month lesson plan kit

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These lesson plans contain a full years supply of tried and tested lesson plans proven to effectively produce fun, engaging TEFL classes at a consistently high quality. A great package for a both new and experienced teachers alike. Highly recommended.

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Our ChinaTEFLer Lesson plan package has been made as a cost effective solution to the hours spent worrying and panicking about what to teach. We ChinaTEFLer teachers have done all the work for you. Our package comes with 1 years worth of complete lesson plans for three different age and ability levels; Kindergarten, Junior and Senior/Adult.

Whats included:

  • 12 months supply of Kindergarten lesson plans in PDF format
  • 12 months supply of Junior lesson plans in PDF format
  • 12 months supply of adult/senior lesson plans in PDF format 
  • Proven, high quality lesson plans
  • Can be used to teach English in TEFL classes all over the world

The lessons have been tested and developed through a culmination of two years classroom experimentation in schools in China with lesson contributions from over 10 TEFL teachers. New TEFL teachers often underestimate the time and dedication it takes to consistently plan engaging and useful lessons to their students and having an effective lesson plan in the classroom can make the difference from loving your job to feeling stressed.

Included are 1 years worth of lesson plans and instructions on how to make your own lessons easily. These are now available to all those interested in a TEFL opportunity and we highly advise you consider one of these packages. This kit is priced at $100 and can be downloaded immediately from anywhere in the world. These classroom lifesaving plans contain over 80 lessons and over 200 files, that’s less than $2 per lesson. These plans are invaluable to helping new teachers settle in and save hours in time. Not to mention the saved stress and panic! We hope you like the idea of these plans and find them helpful. 🙂

These lesson plans are available to buy now and once the purchase is complete you can download them to your computer anywhere in the world immediately.