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Beijing forbidden city

Life in China

Hey guys seen that bad review through echo and I bet it’s made some people nervous about coming over to China… I came to Beijing a year ago through Ben and it’s easy to say it’s the best decision iv made… It’s been a bumpy ride as I have experienced an agency like echo, but now living here is easy… I work for a company called First Leap, and the benefits alone would bring you here 😜 I work no more than 30 hours each week, and earn a nice wage! Enough to get me an apartment in the CBD…

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First Leap English, Beijing & Shenyang

Hi! My name is Lewis. I’m originally from the UK, born and raised in a small city called Bath, located in the South West of England. The intention of this blog is to give you an honest insight of my first couple of months in China. I will describe from my own perspective and I’ll try to be as honest as I can. I would describe my first week in China as ‘dangerously interesting’. When I say that now, it was a learning curve for me. But when I first came, I had difficulties in terms my contract with my…

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The capital!

Travel cost; 800-3000RMB return flight/ 400-800RMB sleeper train (If available) Accommodation; 70RMB/night (hostel) Daily budget; 250RMB It took me 10 months since first arriving in china to finally make it to the national capital thats Beijing. My September flight was expensive (1800RMB each way!) but after all the reading up I had done and study from learning Chinese I felt I knew exactly what to do and where to go for the five days I was there. In my opinion I think that there are 5 things in Beijing that you really need to see. This is what I did.…

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Beijing. The sights of Beijing

Beijing is an awesome city. Capital city of China and full of awesome sights to see. Here is a slideshow of my picture selection of Beijing including the great wall of China, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and the Forbidden city.