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The confucius institute at the University of Nottingham next door to our office at Noon Elite Recruitment. Many test centres are based on university campuses and they are prestigious buildings.

HSK – Everything there is to know

HSK. You hear it when looking at Chinese courses, on job adverts and see it required on University courses. But what is it and why is it worth looking into? This post is is all things HSK.  What it shows, why to take it and what it stands for? Here’s everything you need to know… What it is HSK stands for hanyu shuiping kaoshi. This literally means Chinese language water level examination. More accurately translated to Chinese language level exam, or, examination of your Chinese language level.  The examination is run and accredited by Hanban, a department ran by the…

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Qufu – Hometown of the legendary Confucius

One of the forefathers of the modern Chinese civilisation and ancient history known as Confucius who’s name surely rings a bell to many, was born in this very town. Situated in the province of Shandong and conveniently one of the stops on the major Beijing to Shanghai train line it is a city where you can experience the birthplace of Chinese philosophy and modern thought. With most of the tourists coming from all around China and not a lot of foreigners (be ready for calls of ‘laowai’), it is a truly authentic experience. Try to get there as well early…

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A British brown man in China – From Beijing to Jining

In a follow up from my first blog, I had woken up the next day in Beijing, and had to think where I was for a short moment. The realisation then dawned upon me that I was not in fact at home, blanketed by central heating, but in the colder hostel room in China. For breakfast, I thought to stick to comfort in familiarity with an egg omelette as part of me acclimatising my stomach of sorts, to avoid having any repeat of an incident similar to previous travels in Tanzania or India…always learn from experience it seems. The local…

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A British brown man in China – My chinese experience (First days)…..

I had left Heathrow airport after near four months of hurdles in embassy trips, legalisation/authentication and TEFL studying in preparation for living and working in the People’s Republic of China……. So my flight to Beijing has already started with a Chinese flare of things having flown with Air China, I had a passenger next to me who was watching the movie I was but wait – on my screen! Definitely a unique sign of things to come it seems… My ten hour twenty minute flight landed midday in  what felt like arctic wind as I passed through the transfer tunnel…

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Pagoda at night in Fenghuang ancient town.

Promotion time in Guiyang

As I’m on a morning stroll around Fenghuang’s old canal, the Guiyang branch of English First contact me. I had had an interview with them a week before, but I assumed it was just similar teaching work to what I am now used to. Turns out that they want me to their new Director of Studies, someone responsible for managing the foreign teachers team and resources, coordinating with all the other departments and recruiting potential teachers. In short, a big job. I  was pretty taken aback at first, as I believed I was too inexperienced to take on such a…

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